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Conservation is a complex field that is constantly evolving, therefore using adaptive learning is necessary to create flexible management strategies that are capable of change. Researching and monitoring Gashaka Gumti allows us to understand the challenges that the park faces and drive innovative solutions. Collecting data on the project’s performance and using this to report to stakeholders on progress is incredibly important – it is equally important to use this data to understand how effective activities are at achieving desired outcomes. ANI is using advanced strategies to monitor our parks and better inform how we move forward, so we can be sure that we are always maximising our impact.

Best-practice Monitoring

We focus on using outcome-driven performance indicators to ensure that whatever we're doing, we are having tangible impacts. We regularly collect and analyse data on all aspects of our project so that we know both the park and its stakeholders are benefitting. ANI uses various cutting-edge data collection methods, such as SMART software and geospatial analysis, to make sure we are getting all the information that we can.

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Research Partnerships

Collaborating with research partners expands our knowledge of the park and the species it protects. ANI is working to establish partnerships with international and national universities to conduct research to inform targeted park management strategies. This will include research into rewilding strategies, natural regeneration of habitat, social aspects in relation to co-existence with conservation, and key species such as chimpanzees and pangolins.


Gashaka Gumti is relatively unknown even among Nigerians, despite being the country’s largest national park. ANI is increasing its presence on social media platforms while establishing partnerships for further content creation in an effort to make Gashaka Gumti National Park a household name in Nigeria. Follow the project on Facebook and Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter, to keep up to date with all of our activities.


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