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Gashaka Gumti faces intense pressures from a number of illegal activities including poaching, logging, cattle grazing and land encroachment. The park's resources have been heavily depleted and its environments severely impacted. Illegal activities not only impact protected areas but exacerbate instability in surrounding communities.

The main intervention to directly curtail illegal activities threatening the park is effective patrolling by disciplined, motivated, well-equipped rangers apprehending illegal offenders and preventing new illegal activity. ANI prioritises cutting-edge, progressive strategies that utilise technology to monitor protected areas and place an emphasis on human rights. We work with local communities as well as government entities to deter illegal activities and develop effective systems for the defense of the park.

Ranger Recruitment and Training

Rangers are the foundation for everything that ANI does. To date, ANI has provided extensive training for 89 GGNP rangers through training organisations to prepare teams to be on the front lines of park protection. Rangers are selected from local communities and trained to handle any situation in a professional, ethical and responsible manner. In 2022, Gashaka ANI Project rangers became the first ever paramilitary-trained park rangers in Nigeria. 


Patrolling Parks

Disciplined, trained ranger patrols are the best way to curb illegal activity in protected areas. We fully equip our rangers and utilise innovative technologies to advance park protection efforts. We utilise a variety of strategies from foot patrols to aerial surveillance and deployment to monitor the park and deter illegal activities. in 2022, ANI's helicopter became the first conservation helicopter in the country.

Leveraging Technology

Our efforts are always based on data. With over 6,700 square kilometers to monitor, using cutting-edge technology helps us better coordinate our efforts to protect Gashaka Gumti. We partner with SMART, an organisation providing software tools for rangers that record data in the field and track patrol efforts. Using technology is critical for deploying rangers using an intelligence-led approach and gathering monitoring data on the park.


Developing Infrastructure


Given the remoteness and ruggedness of the Gashaka Gumti landscape, very little infrastructure existed in the park prior to ANI's arrival. Adequate infrastructure is crucial for building a security presence, and ANI has worked extensively to build the enabling conditions for operations. ANI has created and maintained hundreds of kilometers of park roads, established a communications system and worked to construct operations outposts to provide complete security coverage of the park. We own and operate a vehicle fleet that gives us rapid access throughout GGNP, allowing us to respond quickly to any situation.


St Nicholas House (10th Floor)

Catholic Mission Street, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 907 732 7123


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