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ANI aims to win over the hearts and minds of the public and bring Nigerians closer to nature through demonstrating that conservation can be financially viable. Establishing a tangible value for the national park, similar to what has been done in East Africa, will provide jobs and incomes while ensuring the future preservation of the park’s ecosystems and wildlife. In order to achieve this goal, ANI plans to generate several long-term financial incomes, including those derived from eco-tourism and carbon credits, that align with the mission of conserving GGNP.


ANI hopes to establish a thriving eco-tourism industry in Gashaka Gumti that engages and benefits local communities while generating conservation fees. Eco-tourism places a tangible value to wildlife and park resources, fostering further support for their continued preservation. We focus on low-impact tourism that prioritizes minimizing environmental impact from development and tourism activities while providing opportunities to experience the pristine wilderness of Gashaka Gumti National Park.

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Carbon Credits

Nigeria's forests are extremely important in the fight against climate change, serving as carbon sinks that purify the environments around them. Climate change is already impacting millions of people across the continent of Africa, and often affects vulnerable communities the most. Supporting the protection of Gashaka Gumti is a way to help combat climate change while benefitting conservation efforts. ANI is working to create an impactful REDD+ carbon credit project – the first of its kind in Nigeria – that preserves Gashaka Gumti's rich forests and incredible biodiversity. 

Grants and Donations

ANI uses grants and donations to finance projects like this one in Gashaka Gumti National Park. We are extremely thankful to those who continue to make our work possible. 


St Nicholas House (10th Floor)

Catholic Mission Street, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 907 732 7123


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