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ANI is an African- led not-for-profit organisation founded by members of the private sector and conservationists in Nigeria and Kenya. We partner with communities and governments to protect large scale wilderness landscapes with outstanding biodiversity value. ANI provides hands-on protected area management including community engagement, ranger-led law enforcement, and enterprise planning support delivered through long-term management and partnership agreements.


ANI works towards establishing enabling conditions for private sector investment that sustains the protection of landscapes over the long term and reduces the dependency of these landscapes on philanthropy and government spending.




ANI believes that for conservation to be sustainable in Africa it must:

  • Improve lives and livelihoods in tangible ways

  • Deliver value to regional and national government

  • Attract and excite African entrepreneurs and provide business opportunities to businesses that are compatible with and reinforce conservation objectives.


To this end, ANI works closely with African leadership and communities and establishes platforms to encourage private sector investment including ecotourism, non-timber forest products and carbon services.

We currently operate in landscapes in Nigeria and Kenya - learn more about our work below.

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