Borana Conservancy

ANI Partners is currently providing senior management support to Borana Conservancy

Borana Conservancy comprises of 32,000 acres in Eastern Laikipia, widely regarded as one of the most successful conservancies in the area.


Borana’s anti-poaching security team now numbers over 100 men, who are continually trained and are deployed day and night to provide the eyes and ears to make sure that our wildlife is safe.


Borana Conservancy introduced 21 black rhino in August 2013 in an effort to contribute to both the short-term and long-term goals of the national Strategy for Black rhino.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which borders Borana, exceeded its Ecological Carrying capacity (ECC) for black rhino (estimated at 70), and the introduction of rhino on Borana has pre-empted the decision to bring the fence between the two conservancies down in 2014. The resulting 94,000 acres of contiguous ecosystem provides ideal habitat to help negate any decline in breeding rates arising from an exceeded ECC on Lewa, as well as significantly contribute to the overall need for secure habitat in Kenya, whilst the ECC of 45 rhino on Borana and 70 on Lewa means there is the potential for over 100 black rhino to be sustained within a single ecosystem – making it a key 1 rhino conservation area.


ANI Partners is in active discussions with a number of other Laikipia conservancies – both community and privately-owned – with a view to managing multiple contiguous properties with the possibility of the efficiencies of conservation management across a larger landscape.


Borana Map
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