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Who We Are
Why We Exist
Our Activities

Africa Nature Investors (ANI) Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Nigeria (registration No: 1509832), led by experienced African professionals committed to bringing best-practice eco-tourism and nature conservation to West and East Africa. 


Our goal is to catalyse the participation of Africans, especially from the business sector, in conservation and to attract African capital and expertise across the continent into the sector. 


We aim to make Africa’s nature and wildlife a source of pride to Africans and to demonstrate that appropriate private sector led investments can make nature conservation in Africa profitable in a manner that provides development benefits locally and nationally.

Who We Are

We are an initiative led by African professionals committed to bringing best-practice nature conservation to Africa.


More than just beautiful landscapes and rare animals, we believe that Africa’s nature, wildlife and ecosystems are fundamental to the long-term wellbeing of African people.


Why We Exist

Africa has the greatest wilderness in the world with vitally important ecosystems, habitats and biodiversity.


Yet traditionally, conservation efforts have been led by international organisations with limited involvement of African leadership.


We exist to encourage the best conservation practices in Africa in a sustainable way for the betterment of the people of Africa and the world at large.

Our Activities



We are developing flagship projects in West Africa to stimulate interest.



We are supporting park protection through effective anti-poaching measures, and developing strategy informed by world class wildlife research.



We are enhancing local livelihoods around areas of significant biodiversity.



Attract conservation compatible private sector investment that can pay for protected area management.

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